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little pumpkin


There was birth discussion during my day today, and I did say at some point that I was going unassisted - unassisted pregnancy, unassisted birth.

A few minutes later, one of the other women turned to me and said, "We're just in awe of you unassisteders."

Awe? For gestating?

I'm not doing anything special. I'm just growing a baby, and then I'm going to birth it. No, no one is monitoring my baby, so according to the definitions of such things, I am operating without prenatal care.

Ironic, since I probably have more 'care' for myself & Tiddlywink than I have in any other pregnancy.

At the end of the day, though, I'm the person with whom the buck stops. Not anyone else. I suppose that could be something to be in awe of, but well - like the name on this journal says right now. If I'm flying solo, at least I'm flying free.


Well...at least she's heard of UCers:) That's something, I guess!
Well, this was one of Mel's friends... and she's on MDC apparently (because she was like "I have seen Patchfire posting on MDC!"), so that part wasn't surprising. Just the whole 'awe' thing.

Speaking of, did you get the link I IM'd you the other day? She was the one that mentioned that midwife and when I saw that the mw explicitly said she did VBAC, breech, and twins, that was pretty significant. Even if there are others that do, they don't state it so brazenly. Also, apparently Laura of Baby Steps fame likes her as far as midwives go. If nothing else, another link for your collection. ;)
Yes, that is a good thing in a midwife! Thank you:)