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First Time, Second Time, Third Time Charmed

3 is a magic number

And if I'm flying solo at least I'm flying free
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I find blinkies both fascinating and obnoxious. Consequently, I've decided to indulge myself and be obnoxious here as I would never be on my regular journal. Sorry. :D

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It is what it is. Some would call it a "baby" journal, using "baby" to encompass conception, pregnancy, birth, and parenting all. Some might call it just a second journal, but then I'd have to tell them how many journals I actually have. Some might call it silly, others might think it strange. I call it a record that I'm willing to share with others. I call it the online equivalent of the letters I wrote my first child when she was still in utero.

Below is my original biography.

{One day in 2008, I will give birth to my third, and probably last, child.

Preconception is a journey, conception is a journey, pregnancy is a journey, and this is my record of those journeys this third and final time.

While I regularly maintain another livejournal, at this point, I want to keep this journey separate from that. Some of you may be able to divine who I am. If you do, I ask that you not share a link to this journal on my regular journal, or a link to my regular journal on this journal. For now, this is my safe space, protected from assumptions, presumptions, and expectations. Thank you for helping to preserve it.}