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little pumpkin


I think I'm anemic. Functionally so, even if not technically so.

I say that because all of the signs that are pointing me towards this conclusion were present during my last pregnancy. I had my iron tested during my last pregnancy and had absolutely no sign of anemia. However, in retrospect, it seems likely that I should have paid more attention to my iron stores. I was poking around in my favorite pregnancy book today (The Natural Pregnancy Book, Aviva Jill Romm) and decided to look up "dizziness," just to see what she said, and then I found one mention which referred back to the section on anemia, and I read a bit about some of the signs of anemia and it seems likely I should pay strict attention to my iron over the remaining bit of this pregnancy.

The good news is that I had already decided to get some supplemental iron and started that yesterday. I may or may not get some Floradix in addition to it, simply because I'm not sure I would actually drink the Floradix. I mean, the best supplement in the world does you no good if you don't actually consume it.

I did a bunch of cooking in my cast iron dutch oven tonight. I'm going to make beef stew in it later in the week. Yum.