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9 Weeks, What?

I have this long 'nesting' list, but what do I have to do?
• Buy birthing pool
• Gather the rest of my birthing supplies
• Find a new pediatrician
• Wash baby clothes
• Bring all baby stuff out of library and put together
• Buy carseat
• Install carseat

Seriously, nine weeks from Tuesday is forty weeks. How'd that happen?


I could get away with not buying the birthing pool and using the fishy pool we used last time, but I so want a new one - the one I want holds less water overall (so quicker to fill) but because of the shape will actually let me be more submersed. So it's top of the list. ;)

At least I've sorted the baby clothes, I was just waiting until past Labor Day to actually wash them.
Yay! So exciting;)
It really is!

I think I'm going to set up a time to go meet w/ Dr. Heaven - as you've seen from the MDC thread, I've had very little luck on any other docs.

Either that, or do as my friend Judi suggested, and call the 7th Day Adventists to ask who they take their kids to. At least I think it's 7th Day Adventists that are pretty much no-vax.
I hope you have a good visit with Heaven, but I think she's on maternity leave soonish:( Hope you catch her. I've heard nice things about the rest of the practice, but she's the one I have personal experience with. I believe she'll be back in November, not that you want to wait!

The 7th Day Adventists are a good idea!