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making a human


01. My pelvis hurts. I don't know if it's full-blown SPD or mild SPD or what the terminology would be, but I know it hurts, and I know that whatever I do for it, it doesn't help long-term. I was able to mostly eliminate my SI pain, thanks to a pillow in the car, the chiropractor, and massage, but none of those things are a reliable help for this pelvic joint pain. So I suffer.

02. My ass hurts. I spend my days wishing for something that would have a slight constipating effect. I don't have hemorrhoids, thank god. I just have to wipe my ass too frequently, and so it's literally raw. It hurts, plain and simple.

03. Weird woozy feeling. It's not my blood sugar, it's not my blood pressure, it seems to bear no relation to many things, but yet, it keeps coming. Some days it's a frequent visitor, other days it only sees me once or twice. Either way, it's annoying.

04. Intuition versus fear. I'm having a hard time distinguishing between my intuition telling me something and fear infecting me. I can't get into enough of a non-fear-based place to really distinguish between the two. It's immensely annoying. If it's real intuition, I need to act upon it - but if it's simply fear infecting my thoughts, than, well, I need to strengthen my Bubble of Peace [Hypnobabies thing] and tell the negativity to BUTT OUT. How to get that point of clarity, I don't really know.

More later. :/


01. I read up on SPD, because I strongly suspected I had it. What I discovered was that if I had it it was mild and I was already doing what I could do anyway. Some of those women had it so rough! At least I could always walk:( Dude, who's your masseuse?

02. All environmentally unfriendly, but do you have wet wipes in your bathroom? I appreciate them when I'm wiping a bunch...makes for less rawness.

03. If you figure out what this is, let me know! I had it with Bastian and I never figured it out. I finally decided pregnancy sucked balls. Are you pushing loads of water? Dehydration was my only remaining guess. Granted, I drink a bunch, but maybe not enough for pregnant, Atlanta, summer?
Jeffery Jacoby - he works out of the same office as my chiropractor - http://www.massageinspires.com is his website.

I decided last night I was buying wet wipes. I just haven't had a chance to get any.

And I'm wondering if at least part of it is some kind of hormone flux, since I had it at the same time of the pregnancy with Jacob, but of course it wasn't summer then. I dunno. I'm trying Morgan's suggestion of upping my omega 3's, too, but so far that hasn't made a difference.
Hmmm, he's a bit further away - mind giving me a quick review? How do you like him? Is he good at...hard? Deep tissue, I guess? I don't like soft. Also, how much does he charge and how easy is he to get in with?

Sorry this took so long...

I like him, yeah. He's pretty good about asking "Is this hard enough/too hard/etc?" but overall I would say he tends to default use medium-to-hard pressure. I've never had trouble getting an appointment - I assume he must have other clients in order to make a living but I have yet to see them or try to make an appointment at a time he cannot do. :) It's $70 for an hour, I usually tip him $15 on top of that but I have no clue if that is a good tip or not. :P

Re: Sorry this took so long...

I actually think I might've found someone new to try in marietta. Thanks, though!