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Weight Gain

I've had a pretty strong suspicion that, once again, I wasn't on track to gain more than 20 pounds during pregnancy. Since I don't necessarily feel knowing my weight is beneficial, I haven't been tracking it. I will be able to tell if I start suddenly swelling in a multitude of ways apart from my physical weight increasing, I figure.

So, I don't get on the scale much. I don't know exactly when I got on it last, just that it was pretty early in the pregnancy. I also don't exactly remember how much I weighed.

To make a long story short, I randomly decided to weigh myself today. At most, I've gained eight pounds. I think it's actually either four or six pounds. Either way, if I were to gain at the 'average' rate from here until the end, we're talking around ten more pounds. I honestly think it might be four pounds so far, so yeah. Fourteen pounds. Wtf, body? I know I haven't had a huge amount of appetite, and I know I started out with some extra, but not that much extra.

Overall, just... how bizarre.